Give guests another reason to visit your zoo


Zoos are exciting and fantastic places to visit, the challenge is how do you get more guests through the gates?

We think we have come up with a solution with our Treasure Trail app built to guide guests around your zoo, get them to read all the interesting facts about your exhibits, gather clues and complete the mystery trail.

With our mystery to solve Treasure Trail app guests get to search out all the nooks and crannies of your zoo, maybe see parts they may not usually visit, discover interesting facts, gather clues, and best of all have lot's of fun!

The cost of our Treasure Trail app is less than you would think - in many cases 1 extra family guest visit per week can cover the initial set up and development cost of our app.

Our Treasure Trail app will help you to bring new guests into your zoo, and bring back old friends, at a fraction of the cost a new animal exhibit. And you don't have to feed it 5 times a day!

New guests will have something extra to entice them to pay you a visit, and old guests will have a reason to return.

3 Apps in 1 gives you a constant stream of new guests.


One initial build, 3 app released over and over again.

Once we have built our Treasure Trail app for you, it is yours forever. We charge a small annual maintenance fee to keep an eye on it for you, if you wish.

Our 3 app in 1 model means that we build up to 3 separate guest experiences that you can "release" every 6 months/year so that you have a constant stream of new guests year after year!

With tons of interactive elements, our apps allow your content to shine

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I'm ready to build my Zoos mobile app. Where do I sign?

We're chuffed to hear it, and you'll be chuffed at our incredibly reasonable prices.

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